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Dj Full Visionary
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Artist Name Dj Full Visionary
Location EUROPE > Portugal
Band Members Solo Artist
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Influences Trance , Techno , Electrónica
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Dj Full Visionary


City Born : Coimbra
Living in Algarve
39 years old
Real Name : Americo Salvador

I'm a fun person who likes fun places with allot of rhythm. I like to transmit happiness to all those which surround me, if possible. Ever since I was a small boy i had a dream of producing music and now finally I'm beginning to accomplish my dream. I started playing around with some sounds and rhythms on 1999. The results are starting to pay off and it fascinates me every time I finish a track, specially when people really like it and leave me comments that really surprise me!

How you describe your music.

Personally I try to make my music pass a feeling of happiness, rhythm and freedom of spirit and I hope I manage that because I've made it my goal. With so many thing wrong in our planet I hope my music will cheer someone up!

Random facts.

I have allot of known and unknown people that back me up, collaborate with me and leave me great encouraging messages that give me even more energy to continue my path in music production. I thank each one personally because my music has the mental participation of them all and that is "gold on a silk sheet".


When I'm producing music I don't like to follow any particular artist but I can't not mention some Styles that, with a touch of magic, bring sound to my head, such as: Melodic Trance , Techno Trance, Tribal Trance and Electro
For one Soul
Credits Dj Full Visionary
Explicit All Ages