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DNA featuring Karine Hannah
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Artist Name DNA featuring Karine Hannah
Location USA > New York > New York City
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Record Label Young Pals Records International
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DNA (featuring Karine Hannah) – “Calling Card”

By clinical definition, DNA is the primary chromosomal component that generates genetic characteristics in all life forms—comprising two united strands that then replicate a new partner as cells divide.

Or something of the sort… Science is one thing, and art is quite another. In this scenario, DNA encompasses two creative partners— songwriter/guitarist Dennis DelGaudio and producer/songwriter Ayhan Sahin—who fused their musical talents in 2009 as production duo DNA. In its most organic design: Dennis n’ Ayhan. Get it?

Their partnership, based out of 2C Studios in Brooklyn, N.Y., releases its first full-length collaboration on Young Pals Music with the 12-track “Calling Card,” featuring the consummate vocals of Karine Hannah. The crafty melodies, organic instrumentation and soaring, anthemic vocals that parade across this collection embody a true artistic alliance. We’ll call it alchemy.

To break down DNA: Dennis DelGaudio, who started playing guitar at age 13, performed with The Turtles and Peter Noone, before starring onstage and playing on the cast album for Broadway’s hit musical “Movin’ Out.” DelGaudio has co-written songs for indie films “Class of ‘83” and “Pope Dreams,” along with theme music for CNBC. In 2008, he became a regular touring member with Billy Joel’s band. He’s also shared the stage with Paul McCartney, Roger Daltrey, Steven Tyler, Elton John and Garth Brooks.

Turkish-born Ayhan Sahin worked at home for a decade as a civil engineer, and came to the States in 2000 to pursue an MFA degree from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. He then worked with Melba Moore, Phoebe Snow, Turkish superstar Sezen Aksu, Sandra Bernhard, “American Idol” finalists Vonzell Solomon, Jon Peter Lewis and Anthony Fedorov; and Jill Gioia from “Rockstar Supernova.” His music has been featured on CNN, MTV’s “Made,” a documentary supporting the Fox TV series “Arrested Development” and “American Idol Rewind.”

Canadian-born Hannah began singing at age 4, and has worked with acclaimed producers/songwriters Jim Steinman, David Foster, Diane Warren and Rick Allison. She has been trademarked at various times as gospel singer, rock goddess, pop diva and soul songstress. There simply isn’t a genre she can’t deliver with her commanding vocal signature.

And thus, here, the ultimate fusion of forces: DNA, featuring Karine Hannah. Dare we suggest that a new life form has emerged.

Former Billboard magazine editor and writer Chuck Taylor has covered entertainment for more than two decades.
One Lie
Album Calling Card
Label Young Pals Records International
Credits Writers: Dennis DelGausio, Ayhan Sahin
Explicit All Ages
Album Calling Card
Label Young Pals Records International
Credits Writers: Demir Demirkan, Dennis DelGaudio, Ayhan Sahin
Explicit All Ages
Album Calling Card
Label Young Pals Records International
Credits Writers: Dennis DelGaudio, Ayhan Sahin
Explicit All Ages