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Artist Name Confirmed
Location USA > Michigan
Band Members Solo Artist
Record Label Unsigned
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Confirmed is a Christian rock band that incorporates its genre spanning music into their energetic live show. Confirmed consists of Donna on lead vocals. Michael on guitar etc. Ryan on guitar etc. Joel on bass and Jonathan on drums.They all met in church in early 2011 where they all discovered each others love for music and God so they decided to write and record music to honor Him. Donna and Michael were previously in Metal band 'Auralast" and opened for multi-platinum artists such as Rob Zombie,Godsmack, Shinedown...but in June of 2009 Donna was diagnosed with a terminal illness and was given 2 to 6 months to live,then in 2010 Michael was diagnosed with cancer and in 2011 he died on the operating table. God saved BOTH of them with inspiring miracles ! Now they live for GOD ! They intend to spread the message to the world that it's cool to love God. Confirmed is ready for that mission !
Oh My God
Album Let's Live This
Label Oh My God
Credits Michael Anast
Explicit All Ages