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Synthetic Movements
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Artist Name Synthetic Movements
Location USA
Band Members Solo Artist
Band Admin copyCyber
Influences all things musical
Record Label Unsigned
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Someone you don't know is making music you never heard. The computer age has erupted with music to my great delight. I love the idea of creating music to be listened to around the world via the internet. I don't care for the idea of doing this stuff for a living, or having to compete in the professional world. I just want to create something that might actually last longer than I. To leave something behind when I'm dead and gone. It's a jungle of music out there, and everyone's tastes are different, but even if I have one fan and a CD out there with one of my songs burned on it, I have accomplished something beyond making money. This is my art. This is my statement, This is me. Although I don't play the instruments, Andy Warhol didn't make paint. Interpetation and vision is a matter of the heart to be delighted by the head. 15 minutes is a little too long, I'd settle for 5, 6, or 7 as long as you like what you hear. Keep your money in your pocket and just enjoy the alternate side of the music industry. It is a revolution. The underground is surfacing. The only boundries we have are the ones we place on ourselves or let other define for us. Here, the universe is as vast as your imagination and politics is just a word.
Marilyn's Good Day
Album Greatest Collection
Label N/A
Credits Synthetic Movements 2009
Explicit All Ages