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The Rough and The Velvet
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Artist Name The Rough and The Velvet
Location EUROPE > Italy
Band Members Solo Artist
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Record Label Unsigned
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The first TRTV musical adventure is called Synthetic Alchemy, it's an experimental mixture of sounds, an exercise in song making from a picto/sculptorial perspective, trying to portray a certain period in my existence. I used both instruments and computer, unfortunately, due to poor recording conditions the sound is not clean. The second album: Sounds. In Life And Death Of These Derelict Souls, is composed by 16 songs and was released in 2009. This piece of work was created on lyrics and melodies I wrote as a teenager, when my love for music began, they had to wait 20 odd years to be put into music but now I'm very happy of the result. These lyrics were influenced by my conflictual approach with the world and the consequent love for underground, dark music, above all Joy Division and later Bauhaus, the group that has absolutely influenced me more than any other, not only musically but conceptually, for their own approach to music. A part from Bauhaus the group, I also cultivated a very deep love for the artistic movement called Bauhaus, that also has greatly influenced the course of my life, for good and for bad. Going back to the album, it shares the same title of a poetry collection I wrote in those years, as I have always liked expressing myself in different ways, I would say, to make a distinguo, that the poetry version is more of my Joy Division soul whilst the musical version is more of the Bauhaus part of it.
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The Great Adventure
Album Synthetic Alchemy
Label Unsigned
Credits Tanya
Explicit All Ages
Dante's Memory
Album Synthetic Alchemy
Label Unsigned
Credits Tanya
Explicit Adult Lyrics
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