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Pierre Sibille
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Artist Name Pierre Sibille
Location EUROPE > France
Band Members Solo Artist
Band Admin pierre
Record Label Unsigned
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Artist Description
Introducing Pierre Sibille a French R&B/Jazz musician, who is releasing his first CD in North America, entitled “Since I Ain’t Got You.”

“Three elements work in his favor: he is a pianist with a sure touch and a harmonica player, which is fairly uncommon, and he is also a « natural » singer who does not force his voice.” -- Soul Bag -Jacques Perrin

An excellent singer, as well as a pianist-organist and a superb composer, Pierre Sibille is one of those rare French-speaking musicians who can blend Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder with Lou Donaldson and Horace Silver.

“With his personality, composed yet very fiery when on stage, he is a real master of Rhythm’n’Blues and Jazz.” -- Nova magazine-Sir Ali

Pierre Sibille has the rare sensitivity and charisma of a good R&B musician.

“ . . . In France, one of the main figures in this category is Pierre Sibille. Through the gift of a husky voice typical Southside, a Hammond organ played naturally with "a dirty sound" and some very well written music. . ." -- Nova magazine-
Sir Ali

On “Since I Ain’t Got You” there is an authentic jazz touch that pervades the individual technical quality of all the musicians. Moreover, the contribution of the American brass section, both catchy and caressing, is a definite plus.

“The French texts are of a high quality and his personality is clearly expressed. The results are really excellent.” -- Blues & Co n°15-Nicolas Burgot

Pierre Sibille began his career at the age of 14 in the clubs of the South of France. Deeply inspired by Blues and Soul Music, his musical identity keeps on growing in different musical genres. His expériences at festivals and Parisien Jazz Clubs have moved him to the recording of his third CD entitled, « Since I Ain’t Got You » which you’re about to discover, right now !

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Ain't Worth A Damn - NEW SONG
Album Since I Ain't Got You
Credits Pierre Sibille
Explicit All Ages
When The Rain Comes - NEW SONG
Album Since I Ain't Got You
Credits Pierre Sibille
Explicit All Ages
Some People
Album Since I Ain't Got You
Credits Pierre Sibille
Explicit All Ages
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