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Artist Info
Artist Name Metricks
Location EUROPE > Portugal
Band Members Solo Artist
Band Admin metricks
Influences PNFA, Remergence, Soundfreak
Record Label Unsigned
Website Visit Site
Artist Description
Metricks is a diverse artist with a broad body of work, all of which displays a high degree of originality and quality music production. His aproach to music is diverse and expansive, nevertheless there is always a blueprint of unique personal expression and emotion present.

Metricks is native to Lisboa (Lisbon, Portugal), a city of multi racial crossovers of cultures and people, and of course of different music, and musical sensibilities.

Metricks works with great artists like daniel iorio, Stuart Elliott, Phrulex, Renato Ventura, Mario Raposo, Jdvoid, soundfreak, Lisa T, Rakur, Pio Pio, GaiaBeat, Pixieguts and Dead Men Talking
Postcard to Outerspace
Album Roots 98
Credits Metricks
Explicit All Ages