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F3music Reborn Posted: 10-01-08
Welcome back everyone! For those of you who are new to this site, has been an extension of Music which promoted thousands of musicians for nearly six years. One day the server had crashed and the backups were not able to be retrieved which resulted in a loss of over five years worth of hard work. It was very depressing and I was thinking about getting out of the music industry, however all of the supportive emails from members motivated me to start over from scratch and recreate a new music site.

Now F3music is the main site to promote your music and uses extremely fast quad core servers to deliver your music worldwide. Websites are always expanding so this site has been created to easily add new features so that you will always have all of the tools available to promote your music and meet new people. As this site continues to grow, you will see more new features being added at no extra costs. We will work hard to provide you with the best service possible!

I would like to thank my friend Chris Welshman for his help in creating the css style music templates and to everyone for their support in bringing this site back to life. Thanks again and good luck with your music career!

- F3 Admin

New Features
You can view an updated list of features that have been added to F3music since its launch.
New Features: 10/03/08
  • Best chart rank song history added to statistics page.
  • Grab image files remotely from other sites for music design page.
  • Total amount of users who are watching your songs on music stats page.
  • View comments total posted on user songs page.
  • New Features: 10/07/08
  • Added more areas to Locations dropdown selection in edit profile.
  • Interview is complete for musicians. Link is found in edit profile menu.
  • New F3music flash player code to share your music on other sites.
  • New Features: 10/13/08
  • Private messaging system for you to send messages to other members.
  • Increased storage space for both platinum music subscriptions.
  • Automatic active url conversion in song info page. Links become clickable.
  • New Features: 11/22/08
  • Second music options page containing upcoming features.
  • Automatic sitemap feature for your songs. Submit tracks to search engines.
  • Interviews page added to Charts from musicians who've answered questions.
  • New Features: 12/12/08
  • Requested music store has been added to sell your products.
  • Discovered the fixed rare bug with uploading certain mp3 files.
  • Added Google search option on search page.
  • New Features: 4/17/09
  • The new forum is finally here! All future announcements will be posted in the forums.
  • - F3 Admin