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Artist Info
Artist Name PNFA
Location EUROPE > Germany
Band Members Solo Artist
Band Admin PNFA
Record Label Unsigned
Website Visit Site
Magic Mustard Machine (Mustard Diet Remix)
Album Magic Mustard Machine EP
Label http://www.pnfa.net
Credits Wolfram Gruss
Explicit All Ages
:O Nice! WHOA!
WTF I never heard this song before!! I love it man! Almost brings a tear to my eye it hits so hard.... ok I lied it did bring a tear to my eye. PNFA I think I would be stressed to death if it wasn't for your music soothing my headache. I will play this until my speakers burst.

- Dbro

Magic Mustard Machine EP
"WOW" I love this song. I love all your songs. You have talent. I can hear your songs over and over again. Toll, wunderbar, outstanding.

- Bambergerin