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Brian Sonneman & The Horologists
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Artist Name Brian Sonneman & The Horologists
Location USA > Washington
Band Members Solo Artist
Influences Floyd,Gabriel,Cornell,Theatre
Record Label SilverLining-Sound-Productions*Class'A'Records*-ASCAP
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Not for Money Not for Fame
Label ITM agency*SilverLining Sound Productions
Credits Sonneman
Explicit All Ages
Wonders never cease!
Bri this song is incredible! You keep getting better! I'm not just saying that hon, I mean it! The guitar playing, the singing, the words, the music, you are amazing! You have always been great, but this new stuff is on another level! Maybe you were always my favorite indie rockstar cause I knew you, but now I can honestly say you are my favorite SINGER SONGWRITER! You are an individual who does the work of an entire group! Your knowledge of your craft is showing more & more! btw KING OF THE WORLD is by far the best album I've bought in yrs! You Rock!

- Teshy

This has to go on the next cd!
The more I hear this song, the more I love it! The vocals are outstanding! The supporting tracks were mixed very well! The bottem-end comes across fresh & tight, yet warm & inviting. The Bass & Drums have that "Earthy tone" you & "E" were discussing in the net'meeting I held a few weeks back. The new tunes you uploaded for the commercials through ASCAP show in true sonic detail the impeccable quality in the steps & efforts you took to improve "SilverLining". Making it the studio you both need & deserve at this level! 6months to a year ago I thought the quality on the production side of your music before 'mastering' elsewhere held its own among your upper-end home-recording studio peers. Along with the changes in who we would consider your peers, you have updated your overall pre-masterd sound quality. From Green light to red, you have taken the feedback & tips from some of the BEST in the industry today, & the changes you have implemented in equipment & technique, seem to make a lot of your older stuff sound a bit strident when heard back to back with present day recordings. Bri, I have been a music lover all my life, & as you know I worked hard to have a career that pays me to be right in the middle of action, I consider myself blessed for that, but out of every rush my career effords me. The biggest kick I have had to date has been the front row seat to your careers test flights! Watching something this powerful lift off has been an honor! I love sitting in the meetings & listening to you just talk about music, I NEVER saw it the way you do. When you told Berry that " writing a great hook felt like a cloudburst in the desert!" I could feel what you meant! You're right, it is as real a feeling as the sand between your toes! As always, I love the song, but I hope you know how much we all the love the Song-writer!

- Pattie InterCore

way to go daddy!
Daddy, you are truly gifted, and that's an understatement! The emotion portrade in this song penetrates and then reverberates through the room as i listen to this song! so cool! your harmonies are beautiful too haha pun intended..jk keep on rockin' daddy!

- harmony

Not for money not for fame!
Hello Brian, This is Dan, Ashley's humbled half. I've been bugging Ashley to comment on this song for a two days. We both love it, itís been a household favorite for over a year & I noticed that she had yet to leave a comment. This past Friday the song held new meaning for me. I wanted Ashley to say something about it; she said I should be the one to comment. I had a very important meeting on Friday the 3rd just a few days ago. The skinny is, the meeting was to discuss the feasibility of doing my job from a home office. I was facing the task of persuading the companies CEO it would be in his best interest to not only allow me to work 4 days out of the week from home, but also to pay for the costly top speed DSL! Friday morning I was getting ready for the meeting, Ashley was streaming music with her coffee. I heard those words from the other room LOUD & clear! ďIt was released on the 3rd led by the song I wrote for her, now Iím doubting what I wished for! Before you proclaim WAR against HELL make sure HEAVENS GOT YOUR BACK!" It reminded me to say a prayer & have a little faith. I know the song has nothing to do with this, but somehow that morning it did! I was freaking out about asking the head man for anything. It gave me a moment to remember; I wasn't asking for a handout, I was doing what was best for my family. So we could avoid moving yet again, & into a questionable area. Just to be 30min closer to the office! It reminded me that, my career is my work, my family is my life. Your music has power in it Sonneman! The issue is under review. I have to meet again in a week, got any song ideas for a follow-up meeting? lol Thanks for the music. It really is a part of our lives. Dan

- Ashley