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Brian Sonneman & The Horologists
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Artist Name Brian Sonneman & The Horologists
Location USA > Washington
Band Members Solo Artist
Influences Floyd,Gabriel,Cornell,Theatre
Record Label SilverLining-Sound-Productions*Class'A'Records*-ASCAP
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Label ITM agency*SilverLining Sound Productions
Credits Written & recorded by Brian Sonneman-Guest staring Harmony GRACE Sonneman on supporting vocals.
Explicit All Ages
4th straight listen!
Going on the 5th listen now & still in tears! OMG BRIAN! You & your lil girl sound SO good together! Its shocking! She comes across like a voice from heaven, so pure & innocent. While your voice breaks down the gates of hell its self! Her cry & your scream OMG Bri I have chills! Harmony, you can sing girl! Keep doing whatever it is your Daddy has you doing Hon cause its working!

- Ashley

thank u
thank you so much, you have no idea how much that means to me. i was choking on tears at the end of the song, idk if you can hear it. as for training, i havent had any..it runs in the sonneman blood lol

- harmony

Such a great song!
I remember when you wrote this song so long ago now. The first time you played it at the ocean beside the fire on the beach. The girls were so little & we were so young! I remember how the mood changed when you began to sing "you can leave them all behind" I found the song beautiful & insulting at the same time. As that last chord rang out I saw that I wasn't the only one in tears. Growing up with you & living with you & your music for most of my life has made me stronger than most. Around here if you're one to cry over every sad song, one would spend the better part of a lifetime in tears. "Gracefully" was not like the other sad songs you had, so when you told me you were planning on recording & performing the song live with Harmo I wasn't sure how it would blend with your anti-suicide message in "King of the world" but when I heard the changes you made I found myself in tears all over again! Bri after all of this time you still shock me! Your talent is mind blowing! Harmo you sound wonderful on this song! after reading your comment back to Ashley, it was clear you missed her point. When you are brought up with something its easy to take it for granted but trust me you have had plenty of training! Your father began teaching you to sing before you could speak! You are right about it being in the blood also, but that alone wouldn't make you a good singer! All it did was make you want to be like your Dad. We know people with the same blood that don't have your talent. Its your willingness to listen to your fathers advice & your Dads willingness to give it that has made this happen for you both. He taught you how to breath, he told you to start singing in harmony with everything you hear & how to practice singing without making a sound. he deserves more credit.

- chersonn

i completely understand what you're saying mom, i guess i just never considered it training because when i think of training i think, difficult and boring, but singing has always been fun for me, it has always been in my life. i didnt mean to come across like an ungreatful snob..i just never realized i was being trained because daddy always made it enjoyable

- harmony

Shes Got that"Sonneman" Voice!
Harmony, you have a beautiful voice! I understand now what your Daddy meant when he said, "just wait til you all hear my middle child HARMONY GRACE sing!" The "Daddy please don't go" part has me in tears everytime I hear it! You two sound amazing together. I remember hearing some Christmas song you guys sang together a couple of years ago. I thought at the time that Dad was just being sweet to release a song with his lil girl singing with him, it was a bit out of tune & sounded like someone trying out for AI to me. Sorry but it wasn't that great, not what you would expect from a SONNEMAN! However, in just two short years you grew! OMG you really blossomed Harmony! Great job! Keep singing GIRLY! Misti

- Teshy

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