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Brian Sonneman & The Horologists
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Artist Name Brian Sonneman & The Horologists
Location USA > Washington
Band Members Solo Artist
Influences Floyd,Gabriel,Cornell,Theatre
Record Label SilverLining-Sound-Productions*Class'A'Records*-ASCAP
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Nearly Home For Christmas
Album Sonneman's Christmas
Label SilverLining Sound Productions
Credits Harmony Grace Sonneman & Brian Sonneman
Explicit All Ages
Great Vocal Harmony!
omg you weren't kidding Bri This girl can SING!She sounds like an angel! She has her own sound for sure, but her voice reminds me of Tori Amos & a dash of Paula Cole & a pinch of Sarah McLachlan! Ashley thinks she sounds a bit like Amy Lee & norah jones. You guys sound so good together. I think this was the song I was thinking of before. Its been changed a bit, but I love the intro & the vocals are a 1000% better than the old ones. Great work! Merry Christmas guys Misti

- Teshy

Amy Lee & Norha Jones
Girl you got it! You're really learning how to own your tone! keep singing. I love your voice! You will be one of the greats someday soon I can tell! GREAT PITCH! lovely tone! Your Daddy is the master! Keep watching never give up! Ash

- Ashley

thank you!!!
thank you so much! you have no idea how much that means to me

- harmony

I love your voice!
I swear to God I could listen to you sing for a month & still want to hear more! You are very gifted! Thanks for getting me in the holiday spirit!

- Monica McKenna

Glad i stopped by
Hello both of you! Bri, the songwriting is as strong as ever... Musical backing is full of soul and high in production values.. The combo of both yourself and Harmony is a strong combo... Harmony has a very gentle and yet soul filled voice with character and character brings out special moments in vocalists... Alot of heart and soul here and great merging of two artists.. Im a bit of a grump with regards to xmas tracks but this is a clever and realistic view of Xmas and not some over-produced effort, there is class in this work.. Merry Xmas Guys!

- Mezzeruk