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Brian Sonneman & The Horologists
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Artist Name Brian Sonneman & The Horologists
Location USA > Washington
Band Members Solo Artist
Influences Floyd,Gabriel,Cornell,Theatre
Record Label SilverLining-Sound-Productions*Class'A'Records*-ASCAP
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For The Fallen
Label Worlds Apart Productions & SilverLining Sound Productions
Credits Sonneman-Mezzer
Explicit All Ages
Such a powerful song!
I am sorry for your loss, I hope you are doing well. I think it is wonderfull you can vent your pain through music. "Many who have spent a lifetime in it can tell us less of love than the child that lost a dog yesterday. " Thornton Wilder

- Pattie InterCore

Great song!
Bri, I meant to tell you sooner I love this song! The vocals are sweet as always! I swear you keep getting better and better every time I HEAR something new I am BLOWN AWAY! TTYS Mis

- Teshy

For The Fallen!!!
OMG BRI! This is such a STRONG piece of music, it had me in tears before the first hook was through! Your writing has really grown up, you are becoming the writer you always told me you wanted to be! I hope you allow yourself the freedom to enjoy that fact! Congrats on proving a goal doesn't have to be remain a dream forever! WONDERFUL SONG! Ash

- Ashley