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Brian Sonneman
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Artist Name Brian Sonneman
Location USA > Washington
Band Members Solo Artist
Influences Floyd,Gabriel,Cornell,Theatre
Record Label SilverLining-Sound-Productions*Class'A'Records*-ASCAP
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The In Betweens
Label SilverLining Sound Productions
Credits Brian Sonneman-Lead Vocals-Guitars-The Horologists D&E-Bass & Drums;
Explicit All Ages
:) best when loud!
A BIG smile hon! I love this track! Great sound, sweet guitar playing! The vocals kick ass as always!

- Ashley

The Horologists!
Brian! Damn this track ROCKS! The Horologists are really adding something great to these tunes! Keep up the good work. I am showing this off around the label

- Pattie InterCore

Bri, This new stuff is OUTSTANDING! I get why you decided to postpone your release! Can you IM me sometime yahoo, or facetime. I would love to hear from you! You were going to message me back the Vegas details when you received confirmation. We aren't that far from the show & we have plenty of room! You should come a day or so before, depending on how soon after Vegas you need to be in Kingman (That is so damn cool!) Route 66*=PHOTOSHOOT! Dad said he likes the new music & if you're going to Kingman, you have to stop off at the Oatman Hotel on you way to Flagstaff, Spooky! Let me know what the plan is ok? Keep up the good work! I'm very proud of you! Misti

- Teshy

Striking all the right notes!
Bri Getting to hear the early pre-production, along with a sneak-peek of the writing & recording process! It truly has been an honor to witness you at your very best! To say I am a proud wife would be a gross understatement! Brian, these incredible musicians that have been assembled to lend their expertise to your latest work are without a doubt & by far the most talented musicians I have seen you work with! It's been a great experience for me to see you in your true element! You know the years of hard work & extensive training are paying off when the individuals lining up to work with you are also on that expert level! Thank you for never giving up. Cher

- chersonn