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Dennis Wieand
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Artist Info
Artist Name Dennis Wieand
Location USA > Pennsylvania
Band Members Solo Artist
Band Admin Den121961
Influences MMW, Pink Floyd, Jimmy McGriff
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Record Label Unsigned
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Slarou's Digital Jazz
Album It's About The Music Again
Credits Written by Slarou, performed by Dennis Wieand, Gencho Kalaykov, Sherry Anderson, Jack Wright, Dave Gibson, Ed Drury
Explicit All Ages
Song Info
composition by Slarou, redone here with some real instruments, but basically his arrangement. His music is at http://songplanet.com/slarou I'm joined by Jack Wright on guitar, Ed Drury on Didge, Gencho Kalaykov on congas and Snare drum line, Sherri Anderson on violin, and Dave GIbson on oboe. You can find Jack at www.soundclick.com/wrightdude Ed Drury at www.rdrop.com/~mulara/ Some info on Sherri is at http://www.bluemountainfestival.org/faculty/sanderson.html

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