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Darla Whisenant
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Artist Info
Artist Name Darla Whisenant
Location USA > Texas > Dallas
Band Members Solo Artist
Band Admin Blood-Related-Music
Record Label Unsigned
No One's Taking You Away
Credits Blood-Related
Explicit All Ages
Song Info
Christian Performance Track available

Song Lyrics
ďNo Oneís Taking You AwayĒ They took You from the garden in the dark. Tortured You and killed You on a cross. You conquered death and rose on the third day. After all they did to make You go away. Someday they shall fall before You on their knees. With their tongues confess You are the Risen King. And those who followed You, will return with You in Glory To a world where no oneís taking You away. They went out to spread Your message through the land. And tell others of salvation through Godís plan. They were beaten, mocked, and with their lives they paid. To silence them so You would go away. Someday they will all know You for who You are. And know the one who lived among them is our God. Those who died to tell of You, will be Your priests in Glory In a world where no oneís taking you away. They sailed their ships across the raging seas. To a new world called the land of the free. A nation under God they pledged to be. But there are voices rising up that donít agree. Now our children arenít allowed to pray in school. Those who trust in You are seen as fools. And itís taboo to pray in Jesusí name. And from Christmas they are taking You away. Someday we all will bow before You on our knees. And behold the Face of Glory and our King. Those who love Your Word, will reign with You in Glory In a world where no oneís taking You away. Yes, all creation will see You for who You are. The Lamb, the Lion, the Holy Son of God. And those who praise Your name, will live with You forever In a world where no oneís taking You away. Lord from our hearts, they canít take You away. (Nah Nahs)

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