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Darla Whisenant
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Artist Info
Artist Name Darla Whisenant
Location USA > Texas > Dallas
Band Members Solo Artist
Band Admin Blood-Related-Music
Record Label Unsigned
Rescued by Love
Credits Darla Whisenant
Explicit All Ages
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Song Lyrics
Rescued By Love (Chorus) Rescued by Love Delivered by Grace Iím free because Iím His Redeemed by His Blood Reborn and renamed Because Jesus forgives (Verse 1) Lord, Thou art my God Born into the world in my place To live as I could not I honor and praise your Name (Verse 2) Lord, Thou art my rock The pillar on which I stand The source and foundation for all of creation Eternity rests in your hands (Verse 3) Lord, Thou art my peace My anchor in raging seas You have overcome the world So the world would not overcome me (Verse 4) Lord, Thou art my King With Righteousness and Love You reign Before and forever bringing all things together Thy Majesty/Sovereignty ever proclaimed

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