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Darla Whisenant
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Artist Info
Artist Name Darla Whisenant
Location USA > Texas > Dallas
Band Members Solo Artist
Band Admin Blood-Related-Music
Record Label Unsigned
The Finish Line
Credits Darla Whisenant
Explicit All Ages
Song Info
Contemporary Christian

Song Lyrics
ďThe Finish LineĒ (Chorus) I will follow You I will worship You I will run for You All my life. I will run this race Carried by Your Grace Until I see Your face At the finish line. (Verse 1) When I run for You You take me through the fire And give me Your desire, Lord You lead me to the prize Waiting on the other side Of the finish line. (Chorus) (Verse 2) When I run for You You take me down the right path I know the storms will not last If I get rocks in my shoes I count them all a blessing Iím stronger from the testing. (Chorus) (Bridge) And when I cross that line, Lord I want to hear You say, Well done my faithful servant You ran the good race. (Chorus) (Chorus) I want You so much That Iím not giving up If Iím not strong enough (Altro) I will run for love (Chorus) I will run for love

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