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Red Sea Rising
Red Sea Rising at F3music
Artist Info
Artist Name Red Sea Rising
Location USA > California > Los Angeles
Band Members Solo Artist
Influences Zeppelin, Journey,
Record Label Unsigned
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Look Me In the Eye
Album Eye of the Storm
Label Three Worlds Away
Credits Ken Pinkstaff, Jeff Kerr
Explicit All Ages
Song Lyrics
Look Me in the Eye 2:26 ©2010 Album: Eye of the Storm Here I am alone again My thoughts with you And there you are – the brightest star The only love I‘ve known that’s true You look me in the eye But I can’t make you see I just can’t say goodbye ‘cause we were meant to be So listen here don’t shed a tear. We’ve come so far just stand by me Now look me in the eye Just tear down the wall I need you here with me to catch me when I fall You fill my life with peace There’s no else I need Alone again no more Cause now your here with me

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