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John Fisher
John Fisher at F3music
Artist Info
Artist Name John Fisher
Location EUROPE > England > Southeast
Band Members Solo Artist
Band Admin john fisher
Influences Frames,Swell season, Waterboys
Record Label Unsigned
Website Visit Site
Come bother Me
Album Organic
Credits John Fisher
Explicit All Ages
Song Info
Song about the idiosyncrasies of a loved one & how, instead of little habits being annoyances, actually become endearments that make you love them more. musically very chilled with guitar & cello

Song Lyrics
Come bother me Come get on my nerves anytime you are free And do not fain any conversations that our relationship does not need And feel at ease wonít you please To come bother me So roll out your worries on me And donít dot the Iís and donít you dare cross those Tís Give me all your complications that make me crumble Ďtil I fall to my knees Yes please Please Never come stare so blatantly bare with politeness Like a strange absentee Oh please Please Come bother me

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