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Artist Info
Artist Name TonyD
Location USA > Virginia > Richmond
Band Members Solo Artist
Band Admin tonyd1970
Influences Dylan,Young,Doors,Floyd
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Record Label Unsigned
Grave Digger
Credits TonyD
Explicit All Ages
Song Info
Written and recorded in a Hotel room.

Song Lyrics
Gravedigger- TonyD People bring flowers to my yard, I dig a hole and go to the bar Iím your grave digger Itís not a job for all of you, but someday Iíll dig a hole for you Iím your grave digger Itís a quiet little life, dealing with death is my sacrifice Iím your grave digger When life kicks you out, Iíll be around, put you six feet in the ground Iím your grave digger Now there ainít too much that has gone wrong, but my friend before too long Iíll be a dead grave digger So the only question that I have for you, is what am I ever gonna do If thereís no grave digger How the hell do I get in the ground, when a man with a shovel well he canít be found Iíve got no grave digger So do me a favor when you hear my song, come on down and bring a shovel along Wonít you be my grave digger Said now, do me a favor when you hear my song, wonít you come on down bring your friends along Everyone could be my grave digger

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