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Milton Lopez Delgado
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Artist Info
Artist Name Milton Lopez Delgado
Location USA > Pennsylvania > Poconos
Band Members Solo Artist
Band Admin tarbox7
Record Label Unsigned
Street Corner Serenades
Album Street Corner Serenades
Label Street Corner Serenades
Credits Delgado/Plotkin
Explicit All Ages
Song Info
This is a brand new original oldies but goodies song about growing-up in Da Bronx. You're gonna love it!

Song Lyrics
STREET CORNER SERENADES The best years of my life, were spent growing-up in da Bronx... those happy, simpler days of old, and the songs they played on the Jute-Box. I remember The Adventures of Superman, Howdy Doody, Bonanza, and Bandstand... Lassie, and Captain Kangaroo, I love Lucy, and The Merry Mailman. I remember the candy at the movies, The Popcorn, Milky-Way, Oh Henry, Goobers, Chuckles, and Juicy Fruit, Maryjanes, Milk-Duds, Good-n-Plenty. (Chorus) I remember the games out on the street, flipping cards, and Johnny on the pony... curb ball, punch ball, and stick-ball, Marbles, kick the can, and skully. But most of all I remember those love songs, and the Street Corner Serenades... The Penguins, Moonglows, and The Belmonts, Oh what cool harmony they made. (Chorus) Words, Music, Arrangement & Performance By: Milton L. Delgado Guest Artist: Dick Plotkin September 4, 2010

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