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Lybert Ramade
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Artist Info
Artist Name Lybert Ramade
Location USA > New York > New York City
Band Members Solo Artist
Band Admin Young Pals Records
Record Label Young Pals Records International
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L'Heure Des Heros
Album Une Autre Chance
Label Young Pals Records
Credits Writers: Ayhan Sahin, Nathalie Krassilchik, Lybert Ramade, Emre Yilmaz
Explicit All Ages
Song Info
LYBERT RAMADE TO RELEASE NEW ALBUM “UNE AUTRE CHANCE” Third Project Issued In January 2011 on Young Pals Records, Ayhan Sahin’s Compositions in French French master of entertainment—actor, singer, songwriter, host and voiceover talent—Lybert Ramade is releasing his third musical project “Une autre chance” in January 2011, on Young Pals Records. The album comprises songs composed by New York-based songwriter/producer Ayhan Sahin, sung in French. Lybert Ramade began his musical career in the 1990s via baroque opera vocal "Four saints in 3 acts," directed by Jean Claude Arnault, as a baritone-bass, a rarity in the genre. From there, he transitioned to dance-floor hit “Can You Feel My Luv.” He also sang a duet with French icon Sheila on “Latino Flavour,” followed by debut EP, “Lybert,” produced by Eric Priva, in which he composed all lyrics. Continuing a flair for diverse projects, Lybert Ramade then returned to the stage, at the Article Theater, where he starred in the musical “Akoustik,” followed by a concert series at the Theater of Nesle in Paris. First full-length album, "En haut là-bas,” was released in 2009, comprising 12 French- and Spanish-language songs, produced by Jean-Philippe Crespin. It offered a mesh of pop, Latin and electronic music. Meanwhile, Lybert Ramade has studied acting in Paris and New York, and seasoned his chops in productions of Tchécov’s “La noce,” directed by Michel Praxis; and “Psychose,” a play co-written with Nikola Pareienty. Among film roles is “Prête moi ta main,” directed by Eric Lartigau; and TV appearances in “Nightmare,” “Opération Saint Esprit” and “Alors.” Highlights of Lybert Ramade’s upcoming album “Une autre chance,” recorded in New York, include “Ecoute moi,” the jazz-infused radio-ready opening track; frenetic dance toss-ups “L’heure des heros” and “Je suis comme je suis”; elegant ballads “Plus loin” and “Si jamais”; playful pop finger-snapper “Laissez moi”; and pop confection “7 vies.” The project also includes English-language track “Another Bad Mistake,” a duet with French-Canadian chanteuse Karine Hannah. Along with production by Dennis DelGaudio and Ayhan Sahin (DNA), a host of U.S.-based songwriters contributed, including Sahin with DelGaudio, Tinatin Japaridze, Bernadette O'Reilly, Emre Yilmaz, Chuck Taylor, Garth Ploog, Hannah, Ghia Gabriela Szwed, Adam Shenk, Jeff Franzel and Daniel Pitt Stoller. All French lyrics were written by Lybert Ramade and Nathalie Krassilchik. The album was mixed by Mehmet Kemaloglu. ITunes link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/si-jamais/id411595289?i=411595387&ign-mpt=uo%3D4

Song Lyrics
L’heure des Héros Quand revient L’étincelle Loué soit le jour (no olvidare ese amor,no olvidare ese amor) Aussi près que tu sois Connais-tu l’amour (no olvidare ese amor, no olvidare ese amor) Toda una vida All the life Connais-tu l’air You know the sound Contigo me estaria With you Im gonna stay Et le sang chaud And the hot blood Le feu et la pié-è-è-erre The fire and the stone C’est ici Its here C’est l’heure du héros Thats a hero time CHORUS1 : Connais-tu la peur Des sentiments Connais-tu l’enfer Le feu et le sang Le violent baiser-er-er-er De la vie A deux pas Des étoiles Loué soit le jour CHORUS2 : Connais-tu la peur Dans le sang mêlé Connais tu l’envie Noyée de clameur Connais-tu l‚amou-ou-ou-ou-our De la vie C’est l’heure des héros Connais tu la peur Des sentiments Connais tu l’enfer Le feu et le sang Le violent baiser-er-er-er De la vie Yo Quiero tu amor, Aqui Me falta mi historia,No quiero olvidar, Donde esta mi tierra,Quiero regressar a mi casa, ?Conoces el amor ? Es la hora de los heroes

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