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Thomas Brazil
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Artist Info
Artist Name Thomas Brazil
Location EUROPE > Ireland
Band Members Solo Artist
Band Admin illuminati puppet
Influences I have many
Record Label Unsigned
Album no
Label no
Credits no
Explicit All Ages
Song Info
It a demo with a bad quality mic i done a while ago , i want to re work it if its worth it , id like some advice from some non biased people , as the people i know say its worth working back on and that it has a good concept

Song Lyrics
Nana na nana Holding me so tight she could not let me go i wondered were she was but she said no Holding like a girl she cons my world Taking me so slow i flunk and curve baby your so tired i wanted to inspire you and i take this morning i love to see it i wanna be with you but dont let me hold you back night after night i dream of the lights and i see your face before me i think of a way of all your displays dont move your light if gone is gone ooh im folding love i dreamo of you walking so not feeling what to do though it makes me pray all in the night im feeling so desguised come on get me baby and drive me crazy give me you to sooth oh i salavate baby though nothing , nothing is true , look what do for , oh for you ...

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