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Karine Hannah
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Artist Info
Artist Name Karine Hannah
Location USA > New York > New York City
Band Members Solo Artist
Band Admin Karine Hannah
Influences Celine Dion
Record Label Young Pals Music
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Frida's Sonnet
Album Frida's Sonnet
Label Young Pals Music
Credits Writers: Selcen Pamuk, Ayhan Sahin
Explicit All Ages
Song Info
KARINE HANNAH SINGLE "FRIDA'S SONNET" RELEASED FROM WORK-IN PROGRESS ABBA MUSICAL Young Pals Music releases tribute to ABBA’s Frida Lynsgtad, performed by Canadian chanteuse Karine Hannah. Accompanying music video lensed by Christopher Holmes Karine Hannah’s new single “Frida’s Sonnet,” released by Young Pals Music, is taken from the theatrical production of the rock opera “Swedish Style,” written by Selcen Pamuk and Ayhan Sahin. The two-act musical inspired by Swedish super-group ABBA and their lives out of the spotlight, premiered in Turkey in 1995, with accompanying concerts held in a dozen European venues throughout the late 1990s. The musical is currently being adapted for the U.S. stage for major productions. "Frida's Sonnet" is the Act One finale, as the musical's protagonist admits enduring feelings for a lover that has since been left in the past. The 2011 modern adaptation with vocals by Canadian chanteuse Hannah was refashioned into a lush dramatic ballad, while maintaining its theatrical core. An accompanying music video lensed by Christopher Holmes showcases Hannah’s rafter-raising vocals, set in a fantasy sequence where the singer relives the character’s emotions and dramatic struggle, amid a New York City backdrop and a setting of rich colors. Sahin also makes a cameo in the video. Youtube link for the video is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQcuZ7CAPEs "Frida’s Sonnet," now propelled from the theatrical stage to the world's online stage, is available both in iTunes and amazon.com from Hannah’s second album “Karine.”

Song Lyrics
FRIDAS SONNET Sing my praises, win my cases, Share my life in all its phases, Guide me through the darkest mazes, (And) help me find the sun Champion my cause, expunge my woes, Be the knight to mangle my foes, Shield me when the Northern wind blows And I come undone I want no one else to hold me Tell the eyes who would behold me (A) woman’s heart won’t change as men change their course (With) every breath you will recall me Speak my name, and ache to call me Hold yourself up better, knowing I’m yours Shoulder my weight, man my soul’s gate Be the king to master my fate, You’re the feast my senses await, Welcome to my side. Let yourself go, you and I know How passion burns and the flames grow, Drunk and daring, blazing and slow, Drunk and satisfied. I want no one else to hold me Tell the eyes who would behold me (A) woman’s heart won’t change as men change their course You’ll be sorry that you waste me, Hear my name and ache to taste me, Drink the wine of others, knowing I’m yours. Tell my fable: Silk and sable, Silver roof and golden gable, A mighty lady, one man able To bring her crashing down. (For) only one night, come, claim your right, Where else can you rise to this height? You’re my lord, you just as well might Come and wear your crown

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