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Artist Info
Artist Name Tryezz
Location USA > Tennessee > Chattanooga
Band Members Solo Artist
Influences The Evening and Night Sky
Record Label Unsigned
Website Visit Site
Solar Winds: The Preview Mix
Album Solar Winds
Credits Jonathan a.k.a Tryezz
Explicit All Ages
Song Info
Solar Winds: Future Funk Future Sounds Boogie Club Electro Soul Breakbeat Hip Hop Grooves The "Solar Winds" EP takes the listener on a journey to the outer regions and beyond with a nice blend of futuristic, funky, and spacey sounds. This Music Set is the musical score of space and dreams as it paints the landscape of new and unexplored terrains. Of course, the unique blend of the funk and the groove is ever present. The listener is encouraged to listen to it between twilight and late night hours. ;) Release Date: 06/25/11 Track List: 1. The Take Off (Intro) 2. Solar Winds 3. Fadertron 787 4. Static 5. Saturn Rings 6. Supernova 7. Galactiscape 8. Visions 9. First Orbit

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