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Brian Sonneman & The Horologists
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Artist Name Brian Sonneman & The Horologists
Location USA > Washington
Band Members Solo Artist
Influences Floyd,Gabriel,Cornell,Theatre
Record Label SilverLining-Sound-Productions*Class'A'Records*-ASCAP
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Aint Life Like The Movies
Label Worlds Apart Productions & SilverLining Sound Productions
Credits Sonneman-Mezzer
Explicit All Ages
Song Info
sometimes i dig watching movies from the Hollywood golden age. one day i was hanging with a friend in our threatre watching "East of Eden" a James Dean flick. i started writing lyrics before it ended.

Song Lyrics
Ain�t Life like the Movies As I return back to the stage I thought of how it felt before When I wanted more And I turned away Like Hollywood�s golden age We still make you laugh and cry As we live and die On the streets of L.A While you�re chasing that golden ring You�d trade your very soul for a chance to live your dream But it really don�t mean a thing And either way it�s not what you thought it�d be Chorus Sometimes ain�t life like the movies Those times when you get caught in-between When I feel the shock from a change in the plot I find myself wishing I was James Dean And just like fate I�m always late Standing in the dark Looking for one empty seat When through a cinematic glow I saw an angel waving right back at me Stepping forward, stepping back in time Back to 1953 She said you missed a lot but you�ll catch the plot Here�s the spot I get to sing I sat down in a hurry Wiped my eyes because they must be blurry Then she extended her hand and said I�m pleased to meet you I�m Norma Jean. Verse 2 As the actors rehearse their lines The singers warm their chords again To step out into the lights If I knew another way Don�t you think I�d take it Like the Rat pack in the glory days I�ll bet you known of them ever had to fake it And once the Takers start to feed They�ll twist our hearts until our souls bleed About the time you�re on your knees When somehow it occurs to you That this was your dream come true God help you if you get what you wanted Chorus Sometimes my life is like the movies Those times I�m like a rebel without a cause I loved a girl east of Eden She was perfect but she had her flaws She said boy you were born with that magic Enjoy the rise because the fall is tragic And while they mourn the loss of you I�ll be waiting on one of Jupiter�s moons Aint life sometimes like the movies Have you ever played the villain to yourself? And while you�re sifting through your deleted scenes Wishing you had got some help But I won�t even show an ounce of fear As she waits there until I�m done here I sit up straight & smile at fate & play the hand I was dealt So be careful what you wish for I don�t bother making wishes anymore Cause the grand fa�ade Is just a soul machine It will reel you in Aint life sometimes like the movies Though I wish I could hit rewind I wish I could be the hero And save them all in the nick of time Aint life so much like the movies My film as the curtains close As the reels come apart Know I gave you my heart I always wrote from the heart I sang from the heart You were my Heart�

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