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Kenny Patrick
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Artist Info
Artist Name Kenny Patrick
Location USA > North Carolina
Band Members Solo Artist
Influences Mac Macanally, Simon & Garfunk
Record Label Unsigned
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I Will Be Lovin' You Still by Kenny Patrick
Album My Fill of Your Love by Kenny Patrick
Label Self-published
Credits Written and performed by Kenny Patrick
Explicit All Ages
Song Info
Traditional country/folk ballad Written and performed by Kenny Patrick Copyright-Free Performed using Band-in-a-Box 9 Recorded on BOSS BR-8

Song Lyrics
'Twas a fair, sunny day when you first came my way, And there a new love sprouted so. But as you kept me warm, all through a blowin' storm, The root began to set, the bloom to grow. (Chorus) Can you see, Oh/Can you see, Oh, Can you see over the hill? After the last of these troubles have passed, I Will Be Lovin' You Still. (Second verse) We made to each other a promise of love, Not knowin' at all there would be, So very little health/And nary any wealth, Save for the heart of gold you gave to me. (Chorus) (Bridge) Love carries faith to see right through our tears, And strength to reach beyond our fears. In just a while the risin' sun breaks through, And paradise comes into view. (Chorus)

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