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Milton Lopez Delgado
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Artist Info
Artist Name Milton Lopez Delgado
Location USA > Pennsylvania > Poconos
Band Members Solo Artist
Band Admin tarbox7
Record Label Unsigned
Love (A Christmas Song)
Album No Longer Two But One
Label Debra Heritage Records Company
Credits Milton Lopez Delgado & Dick Plotkin
Explicit All Ages
Song Info
A Brand New Song and Pictures Video proclaiming: “The True Meaning Of Christmas!” There are no pictures or mention of reindeer, santa, toys, sleigh rides, tinsel, decorations, snowman, jingle bells or any other ridiculous gimmick society has tried to replace this most Holy and Sacred Day with. “Love” (A Christmas Song) is one of a 10 song Original Christian Music Album composed and performed by Milton Lopez Delgado and released on Debra Heritage Records. To order this CD please call: (800) 830-7463.

Song Lyrics
Let us remember today how much God has loved us all. And let us remember today why Jesus Christ was born. Love He told us in which to abide. Love the reason He was crucified. Today and always we think of you our God who loved us all. He gave up His Song to born of man so that we may live. Love each other is what we must do. Love why Jesus came and died for you. Este dia te recibimos Dios and nuestro corazon. Para darnos vida eterno el Padre te mando. Amor el regalo que uno puede dar. Vino para nuestro pecados pagar. Love the greatest gift that one could give. In love is how we all should want to live. Let us remember today how much God as loved us all. And let us remember today why Jesus Christ was born.

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