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Gerry Domagala
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Artist Info
Artist Name Gerry Domagala
Location USA > New Mexico
Band Members Solo Artist
Influences George Strait, Alan Jackson
Record Label Unsigned
The Day My Mama Walked Away
Album Gerry Domagala Unplugged
Label Gerry Domagala
Credits 1
Explicit All Ages
Song Info
This song is about a woman walking away from her abusive marriage.

Song Lyrics
The Day My Mama Walked Away By Gerry Domagala I heard the preacher say, until death do us part What he should have said was until he breaks my (your) heart These words I heard my mama say, on the day my mama just walked away. She was married in the month of July I remember the sparkle in her eye But somewhere about June, their love ended so soon. Love went wrong, now love was gone I heardÖ She said thereís no more love in this old house And this house doesnít fell like a home Iíve been sitting here crying, feeling all alone And thereís no more love in my heart, I guess itís time weíll have to part I heardÖ She said love isnít going to do me this way Itís time you and I just walk away. So we packed our bags and headed out the door She ended her marriage, throwing her keys on the floor

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