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Gerry Domagala
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Artist Info
Artist Name Gerry Domagala
Location USA > New Mexico
Band Members Solo Artist
Influences George Strait, Alan Jackson
Record Label Unsigned
I'll Be Over You
Album Gerry Domagala Unplugged
Label Gerry Domagala
Credits 1
Explicit All Ages
Song Info
It is about when I will be over my lost love.

Song Lyrics
Iíll Be Over You by Gerry Domagala All my friends call, they ask when Iíll be over you but I tell them I donít know what to do I do know when Iíll stop loving you thatís when all my tears are through and Iíll be over you when my eyes stop crying Iíll be over you just before my last tear drop falls You said our love was forever and a day but forever must have came cause you walked out on me that day Now Iím sitting here wondering what went wrong cause we were in love for so very long I woke up and cried tears on my pillow From your note that said you had to go you said you didnít want me to see you cry but you never even told me why

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