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Mystery Soda
Mystery Soda at F3music
Artist Info
Artist Name Mystery Soda
Location USA > Washington > Seattle
Band Members Soda Pop, Rainbow Soda, Ginger Soda, Dr. Soda
Influences Weezer, Zappa, Steven Sharp
Record Label Unsigned
Website Visit Site
Credits Soda Pop-Vocals, Guitar, Bass Dr. Soda-Drums
Explicit All Ages
Song Info
Word and Music c 2011 Mark Orr All rights reserved He man, Faker, Skeletor, and Teela are trademarks of Mattel Read more at http://www.f3music.com/info-4579.html

Song Lyrics
There once was a villain named Faker He had a haircut just like a Quaker And if he wanted a woman he’d just take her Skeletor was his maker He looked just like He-man He did the best he can To defeat him They didn’t treat him very well He got thrown in a pit, And left there to die and now he’s in hell Oh, Faker! You had a crappy maker Heman pulled you from the pit, he was your savior You got some honest work as a leaf raker You moved in with your mom You took Teela to prom You should’ve come home early but you stayed out later Naughy faker You were nice to your mother you didn’t wanna wake her You got her some donuts from the baker Oh faker Awesome faker Your action figure was blue Why did they do that to you But at least on the show They made you caucausian, Maybe a little Asian Oh Faker Cock-Asian Facker You favorite basketball team was the lakers You eat lots of stake-er You wrestle better than the Undertaker Oh my faker! Sexy faker There once was a villain named Faker

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