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Angelic Circus
Angelic Circus at F3music
Artist Info
Artist Name Angelic Circus
Location MIDDLE EAST > Israel
Band Members Naama Freedman, Sharon Matyovits-Balsam and Rami Moscovich
Influences Lia Ices, Mum
Record Label Unsigned
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Album A path, stars and maybe a pond
Credits Rami Moscovich
Explicit All Ages
Song Info
Artwork design and illustration by Sofie BÝrsting

Song Lyrics
The night is falling And the sun goes down The night is falling And the birds are done To fly and worry For the years to come Theyíre never sorry Itís all left behindÖ The night is falling So Iím left alone And thereís a calling To go deep Yes thereís a calling So I fly away My bird is glowing And itís here to stay No use to worry For the pain and loss No bed time stories I donít count the cost

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