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Artist Info
Artist Name viche
Location EUROPE
Band Members Solo Artist
Record Label Unsigned
ViChe - Meni treba lazljivica(I need a liar)
Album Predji na stvar
Label fracture sound
Credits ViChe
Explicit All Ages
Song Lyrics
I NEED A LIAR I need a woman who would lie to me, Who would say only the best of things, That I'm preaty and handsome man, And most of all that I'm faithfull one, That I'm completly irresistible, In bed amazing, unreplaceable... She'd make me happy if she made believe, If she would say only the best of things, That I am gentle and sweet and very carring, Everything except I am decieving, Warm in heart and devouted in core, And in the end her's best of all... Lie, please lie to me, That's all what I need, Lie, lie me sweet, Tell me I'm your everything...

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