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Artist Info
Artist Name LAPepper
Location USA
Band Members Solo Artist
Influences Hans Zimmer, Thomas Newman
Record Label Unsigned
Fortitude- 6
Album Fortitude
Credits LAPepper
Explicit All Ages
Song Info
This piece is meant to accompany the second half of Chapter 6 in the Legend of Zelda fan fiction, "Fortitude," by Ingie. It portrays Zelda's farewell to Link as he heads off to war.

Song Lyrics
Opening -1:50: They are in their room, it's the morning of Link setting off for war. 1:50- 2:26 you hear his theme, as it is time to go. 2:26-2:40- transition from their room to the gate 2:40 - 3:39 somber, militaristic march as the soldiers reluctantly march to war 3:55 - 4:11 Zelda gets her first glimpse of Link in uniform, he approaches her 4:11 - 4:34 Their telepathic conversation 4:35 - 5:44 the army marches 5:44 - end Zelda stays at the gate until the soldiers are gone

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