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Artist Info
Artist Name LAPepper
Location USA
Band Members Solo Artist
Influences Hans Zimmer, Thomas Newman
Record Label Unsigned
Ballad of the Wind Fish (orchestrated)
Album Legend of Zelda
Credits LAPepper
Explicit All Ages
Song Info
An orchestrated arrangement of the Ballad of the Wind Fish from the game Link's Awakening. This remains one of my favorite Zelda games, partly because the ending moved me to tears when I had finally beaten it on my Gameboy so many years ago. In my early teens, I attempted to do a MIDI version of this melody, but lacked the skill to make it how I wanted it to be. I forgot about and moved on... Now, 20 years later, after recently having the privilege to attend both the first and second quests of the Symphony of the Goddesses, I felt inspired to tackle my own arrangement of my favorite melody from the series. I hope you enjoy it :)

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