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Brian Sonneman & The Horologists
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Artist Name Brian Sonneman & The Horologists
Location USA > Washington
Band Members Solo Artist
Influences Floyd,Gabriel,Cornell,Theatre
Record Label SilverLining-Sound-Productions*Class'A'Records*-ASCAP
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Freedom isn't Free
Label Highcube Recording
Credits Brian Sonneman & The Horologists
Explicit All Ages
Song Info
There has been a shift in the way governments in the western world have treated the citizens that elected them. If you haven't noticed the change or don't mind it, skip this info as it doesn't pertain to you. Those of us who have disagreed with the propaganda arm of the government aka the MSM have been under served to say the least. However its not just the 4th of state that has suffered these tyrannical effects, the entertainment industry as a whole is cookie-cutter crap! Mass filTURD bio waste! From films to music & everything interbred between the fabric of the American culture its self has been abused by heavy awkward unwashed hands!  Some of us are brave enough to say enough! Some of us know enough history to not blindly trust an asshat in a lab-coat, have seen ads from the 30's-60s' saying 9 out of 10 doctors agree smoking is good for the health! Brought to you by your friends at the tobacco lobby! We believe in choice! We also see that there is a massive lack of it. If you don't fit their soy boy socialists anti God family Country, we welcome you to the new but growing Genre: #Patriot-Rock! If you can't imagine bending the knee for anyone or anything other than the creator! You have found the artists that share your views! If you believe there's a limit to how many times the good should turn the other cheek for the shitheel! I welcome you! If you're fed up with lunatics telling you how you need to adjust your point of views, know that you're not alone! If your idea of progress doesn't involve used needles covering the grass in playgrounds, or what can only be described as the finer points of liberal diplomacy on full display between two parked cars outside your place of business! None of this is normal! It seems as if the powers that be have invented new ways to piss us off! Our music has been shadow-banned on many platforms however f3music has always been fair with me!  I say what I want to say on this site.  They are not like twitter who has removed over 120k followers from my page over the past 2 or 3 years! I truly hope change is coming! In the meantime artist need to stick with sites that have their back. Like f3! If you hear of a company doing the right thing by people, let others know. We can vote with our wallets! Support artists willing to fill the void big brother has punch a hole through!

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