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tape noise
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Artist Info
Artist Name tape noise
Location EUROPE > England
Band Members changes
Influences Fungal
Record Label Noise Tape
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Album quetzacoatl
Label noisetape
Credits tapenoise
Explicit All Ages
Song Info
We fight like a caterpillar of the night against the quaintest of quivers, darketh the sky as wings block the sunlight, the big bird, with a broad beak that doth seek to peck us up, swoops, swallowed down whole like tequila, so stand aside and decide upon a character bristling with unpalatable flavour.. -The lovely coarse sound of the OSCar with its elastic LFO alive and analogue, behind it is the DX7+TX7 through an old Yamaha reverb then rerecorded through an amp into a big room -to get a nice mix of digital and real reverb.

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