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The Rough and The Velvet
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Artist Name The Rough and The Velvet
Location EUROPE > Italy
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Why did you choose this artist name?
I wanted a name that would represent the tougher and tenderer side of life, although this name does not fully satisfy me, I might change it for future projects

Would you consider signing with a major label?
I like producing alternative music, I wouldn't mind any label as soon as it would let me create the music I want to create, I would not come to compromise

What music equipment do you usually use?
Unfortunately my equipment is rather scarce, money is the issue... For the first album I used merely a microphone, the computer and instruments, namely an unamplified strat, a piano and a cello. For the second album, at which I'm working now, I've evolved to an electric bass, a small mixer and a basic midi keyboard in addition to what I already had.

Which song of yours is your favorite and why?
My two favorite songs out of the first album are Still life on dynamic background and Dante's Memory. The first one because it's the most representative of what I wanted to express, music with a plastic/figurative structure; the second song just makes me smile, it's a sort of answer to the song Stranded by RHCP. Out of the second album my very favourite are A Certain Vision Of Life and Just Another Style although it's a piece of work that I like very much in general.